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Of Joy & Sorrow, Denison Witmer

Of Joy & Sorrow by Denison Witmer (Review)

Music this simple, yet powerfully affecting, does not get made very often.
Never Felt This Way Before - Billions

Never Felt This Way Before by The Billions (Review)

The Billions have another album of unabashed pop full of clever arrangements, simple yet poignant lyrics, and joy.
Time (The Revelator) - Gillian Welch

Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welch (Review)

I strongly recommend this album to anyone who would like to ease into bluegrass or folk music.
Thoroughlev - Raft of Dead Monkeys

Thoroughlev by Raft Of Dead Monkeys (Review)

Raft of Dead Monkeys is one band that must be heard at some point in this fruitful life of ours.

Versus by Ryûhei Kitamura (Review)

Most would dismiss “Versus” as mindless action or sickening gore, and that may very well be the case. Actually, that is the case.

Gasaraki by Ryousuke Takahashi (Review)

Due to the overwhelming abundance of plots and machinations, it feels rather anti-climactic.
Failan, Hae-sung Song

Failan by Hae-sung Song (Review)

In Failan, grace and mercy shine like a searchlight.
Musa, Kim Sung-su

Musa by Kim Sung-su (Review)

As a martial arts epic, Musa has it all: beautiful cinematography, solid performances, thrilling action, and a moving storyline.


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