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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Peter Jackson

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Peter Jackson (Review)

It’s a powerful movie that made me richer for having seen it.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Peter Jackson

Concert Review: Local H (December 18, 2001, Chicago, IL)

As with every Local H show, a hard-rock earnestness is guaranteed. The Metro free show proved no different.
Since I Left You, The Avalanches

Since I Left You by The Avalanches (Review)

It’s a whole new world, one that contains new discoveries in every track, every minute, every second.
Gentlemen of Leisure

Gentlemen of Leisure by Gentlemen Of Leisure (Review)

This feels like a schizophrenic band desperately in need of a psychiatrist to help cure their many personalities.
Ballistic Kiss - Donnie Yen

Ballistic Kiss by Donnie Yen (Review)

Ballistic Kiss makes a pretty convincing argument for loving a film for its style rather than its substance.
Uncorked - John Huddles

Uncorked by John Huddles (Review)

A totally enjoyable film about a very mixed up and dysfunctional, yet likable, group of family and friends.
Super Deluxe - Morella's Forest

Super Deluxe by Morella's Forest (Review)

It’s beautiful and swirling dreamy chords with beautiful female vocals, much like My Bloody Valentine.
The Invisible Band - Travis

The Invisible Band by Travis (Review)

Travis have produced an extremely accessible, melodic album.
Left the Highway - Arkport

Left the Highway by Arkport (Review)

Arkport is at their best when they ditch the new wave and focus on crafting lazy, atmospheric pop songs.
Self-Navigation - Crushed Stars

Self-Navigation by Crushed Stars (Review)

This is a record for a melancholy autumn spent gazing at unreachable stars.
The Princess and the Warrior

The Princess and the Warrior by Tom Tykwer (Review)

Tykwer’s attempt is certainly admirable, but it lacks any of the punch or panache that fueled Run Lola Run.


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