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Yi Yi - Edward Yang

Yi Yi by Edward Yang (Review)

Yang is very content to let the scenes speak for themselves, without feeling a need to use dialog.
Heavy - James Mangold

Heavy by James Mangold (Review)

What makes this film so unpleasant, and yet so riveting, is its honest treatment of the story.
Heavy - James Mangold

Concert Review: The Faint, The Good Life, Har Mar Superstar (May 26, 2001, Omaha, NE)

Despite a few technical glitches, The Faint held the crowd in their hand.
Time Bandits - Terry Gilliam

Time Bandits by Terry Gilliam (Review)

The movie soon becomes a delirious ride through all sorts of fantastic settings.
Croupier - Mike Hodges

Croupier by Mike Hodges (Review)

An enthralling thriller that uses quiet tension, superb acting, and a sharp script to keep you interested.
Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes by Alejandro Amenábar (Review)

Just when you think you have it figured out, the movie forces you to rethink everything you just saw.
Human Traffic - Justin Kerrigan

Human Traffic by Justin Kerrigan (Review)

A movie can’t get by on just flashy characters, a tacked on love story, and over-the-top dialog.
The Prisoner - Chu Yen-Ping

The Prisoner by Chu Yen-Ping (Review)

It’s not a classic by any means but it’s a far sight better than what I thought it would be.
Godzilla 2000

Godzilla 2000 by Takao Okawara (Review)

This is everything that I want from a Godzilla movie.
Swordsman 2  - Ching Siu-Tung

Swordsman 2 by Ching Siu-tung (Review)

This film throws so much at you it’s nearly impossible to take in.
Adrenaline Drive

Adrenaline Drive by Shinobu Yaguchi (Review)

There’s something offbeat and charming about Adrenaline Drive that ultimately offsets any lack of originality.
Drunken Master 2 - Jackie Chan

Drunken Master 2 by Jackie Chan, Lau Kar-Leung (Review)

Jackie Chan’s finest moment?! It could very well be.


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