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Cornerstone 2000: Jason’s Diary, Forward

I found this year to be populated with tiny moments of perfection.
Fight Club - David Fincher

Fight Club by David Fincher (Review)

One of the few movies in recent memory where I was forced to look at the concepts and ideas behind the dialog and images.
Ný Batterí, Sigur Rós

Ný Batterí by Sigur Rós (Review)

I am here to say that Sigur Rós lives up to everything you’ve ever read or heard about them.
You'll Never Be Well No More, Molasses

You’ll Never Be Well No More by Molasses (Review)

What keeps Molasses from sounding like a tired rendition of old folk numbers is the alien sense of dread and foreboding just below the surface.
Airbag How Am I Driving, Radiohead

Airbag/How Am I Driving? by Radiohead (Review)

Maybe they are “OK Computer” leftovers, but on the first play, it felt like a brand new album.
My Iron Lung, Radiohead

My Iron Lung EP by Radiohead (Review)

A few of the tracks are comparable to older Sonic Youth.
Blue Wonder Power Milk - Hooverphonic

Blue Wonder Power Milk by Hooverphonic (Review)

Blue Wonder Power Milk is comparable to Hooverphonic’s past accomplishment, though not nearly as dark.
Princess Mononoke - Joe Hisaishi

Princess Mononoke OST by Joe Hisaishi (Review)

Joe Hisaishi’s masterful soundtrack ably conveys both the beauty and darkness in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime masterpiece.
System Upgrade - Dieselboy

System Upgrade by Dieselboy (Review)

By the middle of the CD, I was beginning to really look forward to hearing someone from this stable of artists take on something downtempo and textured.
Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All! - Chicks on Speed

Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All! by Chicks On Speed (Review)

This is a must-hear record if you want a truly different type of pop.
Your Future - Godzuki

Your Future by Godzuki (Review)

Each track blends into the other, providing constant music for dancing.

Black Belt Jones by Robert Clouse (Review)

There were several times throughout the film where you’ll either shake your head in disbelief at how awful it is, or you’ll just find yourself wondering how Belt can be that cool.


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