The Latest & The Greatest by Luxury (Review)

Luxury is better and stronger and this shines through.
The Latest & The Greatest, Luxury

Well, it seems like forever since Luxury released their Tooth and Nail debut, Amazing & Thank You, and with good reason. After leaving the 1995 Cornerstone festival, Luxury had a terrible traffic accident, which lead to many months of rehabilitation and healing. Out of those difficult times comes Luxury’s sophomore effort, The Latest & The Greatest. To put it simply, Luxury is better and stronger and this shines through.

This album jumps all over the place musically. The noise-pop tendencies of Amazing & Thank You have been toned down in favor of the pop side and Luxury knows how to write great hooks. Check out the Radiohead stylings on “Not So Grand,” the cool lounge of “The Glory,” or the laid back-ness of “King Me.” While a few of the songs may rock out, most refrain from the urge to blast through your speaker. Luxury tends to be more laid back and mellow, focusing on delivery and style; something Christian artists should focus on more. I’m tired of all of these Christian bands coming out, who try to play loud, ferocious rock and roll. Luxury plays with swank style, and they aren’t afraid to wear it all on the sleeve.

Lyrically, Luxury writes as many hooks as they play. There’s some beautiful imagery in there, especially on “The Pearls.” While the songs cover such regular rock n roll topics as fame, girls, and introspection, the songs with the most punch are those that deal with personal trauma. With that in the mind, the best song on here is “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” Here, Lee “Is that Morrissey?” Bozeman sings openly about the pain and loneliness he went through after the accident. The song ends on a triumphant ending without sounding cheesy or schmucky.

You can’t go wrong with this album. If you’re a fan of smart, solid songwriting, cleverly poignant lyrics, and cool vocal styles (or any combination thereof), get this sexy record. You can never be too stylish or sexy, something this record is willing to teach anyone willing to listen.