The Future That Used To Be by Mark Protus (Review)

Mark Protus goes from hard rock to country without flinching.

Mark Protus is a bit of a musical chameleon. He goes from hard rock to country without flinching. On this album he shares vocal duties with Kat Spitz to add to the confusion. Protus’ refusal to be pidgeonholed is certainly to be applauded.

The smooth, jazzy ​“I Know” sounds good as does the psychedelic ​“Mushroom Fields(and lemon trees).” Mostly he and the band master the variety of styles. When they lose footing it’s only temporary. Spitz makes a fine country singer on ​“How Do You measure a Man?” and shows a more aggressive streak on ​“24 Miles To Go.”

Protus also handles his vocals well. When he and Spitz duet on a track, you wish they’d do it more often as it’s a lovely song.

This album is a very good listen and bodes well for Protus’ future.

Written by Anna Maria Stjärnell.