Stringz Ultd by Chiller Twist (Review)

Sure to be a massive hit among progressive lovers.
Stringz Ultd - Chiller Twist

The “Shelly Mix” of “Stringz Ultd” is a beautiful deep progressive track, a 12″ release taken from the album “The Way.” The break has a real deep euphoric feel to it with sexy female vocals harmonically humming you into the break. Apparently being played everywhere by DJ Tiesto and other DJs on an international scale, it’s sure to be a massive hit among progressive lovers.

Chiller Twist’s “Baptism Mix” has a darker feel with some twisted vocal effects in the break. It goes back into the track quite fast with an original riff, but the “Shelly Mix” is definitely the better of the two in my view, but both are very nice tracks.

Written by Simon P.

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