Rest Proof Clockwork by Plaid (Review)

The best electronic pop money can buy?
Rest Proof Clockwork - Plaid

This is one of those albums which is beautifully melodic and really intricately crafted. Noone left the drum machine unattended for long here. They have also done a marvellous thing that I wish many other bands would do; they kept the really peculiar songs less than two minutes so that they intrigue cheekily instead of trundle flaccidly. Hurrah! And they are highlighted on the cover so you can skip them in advance. Ranging in sound from Muppets in space to a technology-swamped cowboy circus and some hip-hoppy 1920s piano number, with an inexplicable cutout monkey on the cover.

More exciting than Plone, less noisy and long-winded than Mouse on Mars. The best electronic pop money can buy?

Written by Paul Morton.

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