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Parca Pace

Parca Pace by Parca Pace (Review)

Remarkably pleasant to the ears, even at its harshest, while still delivering a challenging and unpredictable listen.
For Beginner Piano, Plone

For Beginner Piano by Plone (Review)

Plone’s analog synth music is at its best when it’s most whimsical and playful.
It's Hard to Find a Friend - Pedro the Lion

It’s Hard to Find a Friend by Pedro The Lion (Review)

One word could sum up Pedro the Lion’s music: humility.
The Only Reason I Feel Secure - Pedro The Lion

The Only Reason I Feel Secure by Pedro The Lion (Review)

Pedro the Lion’s songs practically drip with an intensity that would make most emo bands foam at the mouth.
Winners Never Quit - Pedro The Lion

Winners Never Quit by Pedro The Lion (Review)

David Bazan’s songwriting has never been better than on this album but the emotional and spiritual depth feels strangely underwhelming.
The Eastwood Dive - Pony Express

The Eastwood Dive by Pony Express (Review)

My advice: don’t run away from this album, but listen to it before you buy it.
Live: Roseland NYC - Portishead

Live: Roseland NYC by Portishead (Review)

Live: Roseland NYC reveals a band that not only puts out great albums, but puts on one heckuva live show.
Oceanic - Raspberry Jam

Oceanic by Raspberry Jam (Review)

There is definitely warmth found throughout with the help of a soothing voice and lulling reverb.
A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness - Rocketship

A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness by Rocketship (Review)

Melodramatic dreaminess with more than just a hint of twee and shoegazer pop.
Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful - Red Stars Theory

Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful by Red Stars Theory (Review)

If I look at the album’s high points, I could listen to a double album of that stuff.
Rest Proof Clockwork - Plaid

Rest Proof Clockwork by Plaid (Review)

The best electronic pop money can buy?
Not for Threes - Plaid

Not for Threes by Plaid (Review)

This is the new genre: micro-beat.


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