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Off-World - Haloed

Haloed’s Off-World Reworks Blade Runner’s Soundtrack into a Unique Sonic World (Review)

This ambient reimagining breaks down Vangelis’ original score and weaves it back together in new, intriguing ways.
Trackless - Makeup & Vanity Set

Trackless by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

Some of Makeup & Vanity Set’s most ambient and surreal work in some time.
New Model - Perturbator

New Model by Perturbator (Review)

Arguably the most difficult Perturbator release to date — but also one of the most intriguing.
Vibescapes - deadxbeat

Vibescapes by Deadxbeat (Review)

These instrumentals make you realize how limited the term “hip-hop” has come to be understood.
Ninja III: The Domination - Sam Firstenberg

Why in the world did I watch Ninja III: The Domination? (Review)

Making it through the final film in Cannon Film’s “ninja trilogy” required more than nostalgia.
Celestial Archive - Jay Tholen

On Celestial Archive, Jay Tholen Finds Joy and Security in God’s Sovereignty (Review)

Tholen’s first album in four years finds him pondering marriage, being an artist, and the mysteries of God’s divine will.
Time Well - Cloakroom

Cloakroom’s Time Well Is an Otherworldly Blend of Shoegaze Bliss & Metal Riffs (Review)

These songs move in directions that are more interesting than the simple “shoegaze + metal” equation implies.
For Wishes

In Rotation: For Wishes, Slow Dancing Society, Billow Observatory, Macross 82-99 (Review)

Sparse, intimate folk/slowcore, nocturnal cinematic ambient, airy electronic music, and anime-inspired future funk.
The Majesty of the Flesh - Lee Bozeman

The Majesty of the Flesh by Lee Bozeman (Review)

The simple fact is that any new music from Lee Bozeman is a gift.
All For You - Telepath

All For You by T E L E P A T H テレパシー能力者 (Review)

Some of the enigmatic vaporwave producer’s funnest, and funkiest, music to date.
Waiting For - Kiriyama Family

Waiting For… by Kiriyama Family (Review)

Kiriyama Family’s soulful pop definitely has a retro sense about it, but it’s far more than just a nostalgic retread.
All Bitches Die - Lingua Ignota

Lingua Ignota’s All Bitches Die Tackles Misogyny and Abuse with Brutal Electronic Music (Review)

While certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, I consider this one of 2017’s most fascinating and compelling albums.


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