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Lips That Taste of Tears - Trembling Blue Stars

Lips That Taste of Tears by Trembling Blue Stars (Review)

Cool September Skies - LN

Cool September Skies by LN (Review)

t’s pretty obvious what kind of sound they’re going for, and it’s not a bad sound.
Antarctica - Windy & Carl

Antarctica (Bliss Out, Vol. 2) by Windy & Carl (Review)

Fans of a slower, instrumental Slowdive, or any floaty, droney should probably check this out.
Mad For Sadness - Arab Strap

Mad for Sadness by Arab Strap (Review)

Somehow the recording of the concert has become a classic anyway.
Lapsed - Bardo Pond

Lapsed by Bardo Pond (Review)

This is one dirty album, and wonderfully so at that.
Morning Light - Locust

Morning Light by Locust (Review)

An attempt to bridge the gap between Mark Van Hoen’s harsh earlier work and his most song-oriented material.
The Contino Sessions - Death In Vegas

The Contino Sessions by Death In Vegas (Review)

It just doesn’t sound that good. Not in any sort of big dose anyway.
The Beat Assassinated - DJ Cam

The Beat Assassinated by DJ Cam (Review)

It’s just a waste of talent when the extraordinary is ruined by the preposterous.
Miniature Portraits - Five Style

Miniature Portraits by Five Style (Review)

Five Style’s musical hyperactivity makes for an interesting, albeit exhausting listen.
What Will Become of the Key of Reason? - Mahogany

What Will Become of the Key of Reason? by Mahogany (Review)

All in all, a pleasant-sounding enough EP, but nothing that will probably blow your socks off.
Moon Pix - Cat Power

Moon Pix by Cat Power (Review)

Cat Power used to be one of those bands that I lumped in with “all the rest of the indie crap that’s not drone.”
Feng Shui - Doldrums

Feng Shui by Doldrums (Review)

Wonderful CD, looking forward to more, and to getting the rest of this band’s back catalog.


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