Not for Threes by Plaid (Review)

This is the new genre: micro-beat.
Not for Threes - Plaid

Clearly not the sort of record you will get hit singles from; the track listing suggests a list of Arabic numbers and misspellings. It plays with the sounds it creates, where rhythmic beats become wreathed in floating melody until it becomes hard to spot and erratic, tiny beats shudder across basslines that just might be tunes.

One of the happiest and most hummable, “Myopia,” warps almost imperceptibly into something rather more sinister, and always makes me think of a volcanic island paradise. Björk makes a welcome and unexpected appearance, ethereal and neo-pagan, but more soulful than that. Nicolette adds a more restrained touch than usual as well. Something that always sounds good is the inclusion of real instruments which are wisely kept understated. We don’t need orchestra n’ breakbeat or guitar n’ house and we don’t get it. Forget big-beats. This is the new genre: micro-beat.

Written by Paul Morton.

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