I wish this record didn’t have the title it does, because it’s entirely too easy to dismiss this as just another indie rock instrumental record. Bands or artists that eschew vocals often say they’re scoring unmade films, but while the music made in such situations can be good, I find the music is way too busy to ever fit on screen developments. I mean, who in the year 2000 is making movies with any scenes long enough to fit even a third of the average Dirty Three or godspeed you black emperor! piece?

This record is much different. Xian Hawkins (of the synth-happy Silver Apples) has made a record that probably COULD work as a soundtrack. I haven’t seen the film, but on its own, the music would seem to be an apt aural component of a movie. The average song length is probably less than five minutes, and the tonalities split the difference between contemplative moods and actual progression.

It’s a nice blend of accessibility and ambiguity reminiscent of Boards of Canada or Autechre’s less complex pieces. The electronic frameworks are augmented by tasteful arrangements of such elements as cello, double bass, bells, and guitar parts that are textural, but not over-effected. So it’s kinda like Tortoise, too? Actually yes, but not in any copycat sense. I’d go see the film if I knew what the name was.

Written by Pearson Greer.