Mazatlan by The Plastic Constellations (Review)

Loved every second of it.
Mazatlan - The Plastic Constellations

New bands are hard to come by in today’s age of Linkin Park, Aerosmith’s horrendous new attempts at music, and bands that all sound exactly alike (Story of the Trapt 13 Stones… or something along those lines). So when I pop a new crisp, clean CD into my computer to listen to, I’m expecting another cookie sheet soundalike. Then along comes The Plastic Constellations’ Mazatlan. Of course, comparisons were heard as I listened to the CD. There will always be comparisons, no matter how original a band is.

But it all depends on what I’m comparing it to. I heard some Cursive in there. A little Les Savy Fav. Even a pinch of Big Audio Dynamite. That off-kilter, mature sound that not many can replicate because according to society, it doesn’t make the almighty green. A lot of indie bands try to dress the part as opposed to playing the part. Not these guys.

All of the members being 22 years of age and playing some killer music makes me to wonder why I didn’t pick up a guitar or start to squeal on the mic at the age of 14 like I wanted to. The raw sounds of a band who want to tear apart your ears with something worth talking about is something to look forward to. The song to begin it all, “We Came To Play,” drags you in with a little harmony between the guys and then comes crashing down into insanity. Did not expect it. Loved every second of it.

The catchy hooks. The pounding drums. A sense of hope and joy with a twinge of sadness… isn’t that what life is all about?

Written by James McCormick.

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