Le Projet De John Hughes by Les Petits Sous (Review)

A sweet pop record to sing along to.

There’s a distinct early Lush sensibility to Les Petit Sous. On their EP, dual vocals intertwine like the voices of Miki and Emma once did. The EP’s mood is carefree and nostalgic all at once, while the songs deal with a relatively untroubled adolesence.

“The Movie In Your Mind” is sweetly sung and hearkens back to the shoegazing era of the early 90s (musically at least). “My words don’t come out cause you’re so beautiful” they sing in “Your Big Brown Eyes,” aptly summing up a hopeless crush. “I Took You For A Ride” is a nice sunny pop song with sarcastic lyrics. “You Are The Coolest” has a list of cool stars that the group want to emulate. It sounds pretty cool, if not as cool as Debbie Harry of Lou Reed. But then, few things are.

This EP is a lot like a John Hughes film, and like such a film, it’s not too deep. It’s not meant to be either. It’s just a sweet pop record to sing along to.

Written by Anna Maria Stjärnell.

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