I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings by Radiohead (Review)

Hearing familiar songs get twisted into sometimes wonderful new shapes makes “I Might Be Wrong” worthwhile.
I Might Be Wrong, Radiohead

There may have been a few murmurs of complaint about Radiohead doing something as supposedly “commercial” as releasing a live album. But it seems a tad ungrateful for a fan to moan about a third Radiohead album in just over a year, after the time that elapsed between OK Computer and Kid A.

The inclusion of the previously unreleased “True Love Waits” seems like a purchase sweetener for the uncertain. The song made its live debut in the mid-1990s, and better versions than the one found here can be tracked down in cyberspace. It’s hearing familiar Radiohead songs get twisted into sometimes wonderful new shapes that makes I Might Be Wrong worthwhile.

“Like Spinning Plates” is transformed from the alien experience that lit up Amnesiac into a piano ballad; it’s as if the band travelled back in time with the song. Hearing a stadium crowd sing along to “Idioteque” turns it into a joyous celebration of doom. If Amnesiac was a more engaging, involving piece of work than its predecessor, I Might Be Wrong is another step in the same direction (did someone say “rocking out”?), and it still leaves questions as to Radiohead’s next move wide open.

Written by Damian McVeigh.