Friction by Stavesacre (Review)

This will appeal to anyone who wants a heavy, powerful album, both musically and lyrically.
Friction - Stavesacre

I was only familiar with one of the bands that preceded Stavesacre and that was Focused. In case you didn’t know, Stavescare is made up of former members of The Crucified, The Blamed, and the aforementioned Focused. Because of that, I was able to listen to Friction without many prejudices. Although this is a debut record, it already shows an amazing amount of depth and strength. This album reportedly had Tooth & Nail’s biggest recording budget, and it shows. Everything on this album is top-notch and well-done.

I knew that Stavesacre wasn’t going to be punk or hardcore, but I knew it was going to be heavy. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s definitely not hardcore (which may seem wierd considering the bands the members came from). It’s heavy and very groove-oriented (whatever that means), but not some lame metal band. All of the songs, especially “Threshold” and “Suffocate Me,” feature amazing melodies and riffs. However, I also hear hints of Lusis-era Mortal and Joy Division’s downbeat atmospherics, thanks to Dirk Lemmene’s bass. It probably falls into that void of bands that are labelled “’90s metal,” but in my mind, that really downplays that amount of talent and drive on this album.

Most of the songs seem to make statements about the state of the world. That is, the world on both the inside and the outside. “Anna Thema” makes some interesting comments about the state of America’s morality, with a very heartfelt “He will… destroy!” On “Loader,” I picture Mark Salomon looking at some authority figure whose words rang untrue as he sings: “I’ve heard each word that you’ve said/And with all due respect… Save it!”

“At the Moment” is one the most powerful and honest songs that I’ve heard in some while. The song is an open account of one man’s hopelessness and need for something or Someone. The lyrics remind me of many of the Psalms where David is crying out to God and stating his dependance on Him, with lines like

My soul will wait, my soul wait silently for God my God
And I will live and I know some destiny still waits for me
His faithfulness, my hope
It brings comfort to my soul
With a still small voice whispering
“Call upon My name and I will set you up on high
Be still and know that I am God.”

Lyrics like these, combined with the musical talent of all of the members makes for a very enjoyable listen. Songs like “Threshold” and “Suffocate Me” immediately grab the listener from the get-go, while “Stars & Clouds” makes the listener sit down and think. Friction will appeal to anyone who wants a heavy, powerful album, both musically and lyrically.