ExpressionEngine and “First Impressions” (Review)

While it’s not exactly the announcement we’ve all been waiting for — i.e., a release date — it’s still exciting EE 2.0 news.
ExpressionEngine Logo

I know I’m not the only one chomping at the bit to get theirs hands on ExpressionEngine 2.0, so any news about the new version and what it contains is welcome. So I was very excited to read the most recent entry in the EE blog, which chronicles two big changes/​updates for EE 2.0.

First, the term ​“weblog”, which is used to describe the generic containers of data that make up an EE site, will be replaced with ​“channel”. This is a great idea, especially now that ​“weblog” has so much baggage with it. Because of its current usage, I think a lot of people assume that EE is only a blogging platform, when in fact, it’s much more — or at least, it can be much more.

And second, EllisLab is putting together one great big ​“example site” that will show off what is possible with EE, as well as serve as a learning resource (which will join all of the other great educational resources for EE).

I’m particularly excited about this, in part, because of a conversation I recently had with a co-worker, during which we discussed ways to make EE, and its capabilities, more concrete for clients. Explaining web technology in general to non-geeks is challenging, but it can be especially daunting to fully explain something as open-ended and flexible as EE. So I’m very glad that EllisLab is doing something about this, and with Erskine Design at the reins, I know it’s going to be something good.

So, while it’s not exactly the announcement we’ve all been waiting for — i.e., a release date — it’s still exciting EE 2.0 news.

Oh, and here’s some related trivia: Change​.gov is running on EE.