Chaos by Christian Plumber (Review)

An awesome noise/experimental offering.
Chaos - Christian Plumber

Much more of a sound noise/experimental demo than the last one by CP, Crap. and in my humble opinion, much better. The tape starts off with an old Catholic hymn(?) which gets twisted and re-arranged with a bounty of noiseful splendor.

“Vomitus Christe” will be regarded by most a controversial tune at least. It paints a lyrically graphic picture of Christ’s suffering for us. “Praise the Lord” is Psalm 150 and displays an experimentation in vocals mostly. “Batboy” can’t be beat with wierd vocal manipulations, yet no lyrics. It sounds like you’re stuck in some sort of barf-bag factory where you’ve got a acid-trippin’ “barf-bag tester” trying to kill you. No, I’m not on drugs! Buy the tape and you’ll see what I mean.

“abc-dx” is maybe the bizarrest (Of course, every thing that the Christian Plumber does is mondo weird and alien like!) track on here with some kid and some more electro stuff and manipulations. The last track has a great treat at the end. Well, it certainly tripped me out.

To cut through all of this, let me say that Chaos is an awesome noise/experimental offering and everyone should keep an eye on the plumber cuz they’ve got one heck of a plunger!!!! Just buy this thing!

Written by Voideth (of AmatUer Industries).

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