Call for Solidarity by Cranked Up! (Review)

Cranked Up! should only be going higher and higher in the punk hierarchy.
Call for Solidarity - Cranked Up!

When I think about it, punk hasn’t been up to par as of late. Fine, last year there were two killer bands (The Exploding Hearts and Modern Machines). Finally getting a website up with my good friend Ron meant I could finally get some reviews done so the masses could see them. And then I saw that I missed a real diamond in the rough.

Cranked Up!‘s album Call for Solidarity is what Rancid wished they were still, instead of the mockery they have become. Pat Society (singer) just tears through every song with an aggression I haven’t seen since Fear’s Lee Ving made punk a fearsome and controversial genre.

Cranked Up! has a lot of political ideas/opinions and their ideas come through in their music. In “All Fucked Up!” they speak about how true punks like them are stared at and not shown any respect, but who cares? Just get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Which is my motto on anything you want to do in life. In “Follow The Trail,” it speaks about a friend who didn’t make it through drug addiction. This is straight from the heart… not speaking about trivial shit with every song (hmmm, Blink 182 singing about shit and piss rings a bell).

This is punk the way it should be. Fast, furious, and feeling like a punch in the face and a kick in the groin. You should feel as if you are in the pit while listening to a good punk band (hence why you feel like you are in a flower shop or an elevator when you listen to shit like Simple Plan). With Cranked Up! you feel as if you are taking place in a fun pit where everyone is there just having a kick-ass time and just enjoying the music the way it should be. Makes you wonder why other bands aren’t doing this as well.

With bandmates Danarchy (guitar), Andy (bass) and Jason (drums) playing punk the way it’s supposed to be (which is simple and to the fucking point) and Pat Society supplying us with a voice to listen to, Cranked Up! should only be going higher and higher in the punk hierarchy. Down with pop punk, long live proper punk! 9.5 out of 10. Highest endorsement from me, which means you should be going to Creep Record’s site right now! Go there now. No stalling.

Written by James McCormick.