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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar by Shinichiro Kimura (Review)

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - Shinichiro Kimura

I honestly don’t know if I can look myself in the mirror anymore. I finally sat down and watched the first volume of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. All in all, 4 episodes of cuteness so overwhelming my machismo may never recover. There were several points where I almost surrendered and just shut it off, but I paid good money for the DVD (please don’t ask) and dang it, I’m going to watch it.

The main story — which involves a young girl named Saga who meets an apprentice snow fairy named Sugar — was almost too much, but I took it like a man. And when 2 more apprentice fairies, Salt and Pepper, show up, I still managed to survive.

But the straw that broke my back was when the 3 fairies go off on a search for ​“Twinkles,” which they need to become full-fledged fairies. However, they all have a different idea of what a Twinkle is like, so I sat through several sequences where they try to decide if Twinkles are ​“Twinkle Twinkle,” ​“Comfy Warm,” or ​“Puffy Fluffy.” And by decide, I mean yell ​“Twinkle Twinkle!,” ​“Comfy Warm!,” and ​“Puffy Fluffy!” at each other for several minutes.

I love cute animé. I loved Ah My Goddess and You’re Under Arrest. But this was just too much. I could literally feel my teeth rotting as I watched. Worse yet were the looks my roommates gave me as they caught me watching fairies and little animé girls hop, skip, and jump across the TV screen. They’ll probably never look at me the same way ever again, and I don’t blame them.

I really need to see the Cowboy Bebop movie again to wash that sugary taste out of my mouth.

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