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A Dark Place - Tor Lundvall

A Dark Place by Tor Lundvall (Review)

Tor Lundvall’s first vocal album in nearly ten years blends hushed ambient music with themes of sorrow and longing.
Life Equals Death - globalWAVEsystem

globalWAVEsystem’s Life Equals Death Took Christian Industrial Music to Dark, Distorted Extremes (Review)

When I was in high school, I once used this album to scare the little kids in my church.
Natalie Evans

In Rotation: Natalie Evans, The Nightcrawlers, Slow Meadow, Chad Valley (Review)

Delicate acoustic folk, spaced out synth jams, contemplative ambience, and soulful electronic pop.
The Strife of Love in a Dream - Miracle

Miracle’s The Strife of Love in a Dream Revels in Esoteric, Elegant Synth-Pop (Review)

Miracle’s darkly elegant music takes the sounds of the ’80s and reshapes them into strange and thrilling​ new forms.
Not Thrilled - Fine China

Not Thrilled by Fine China (Review)

Fine China return after thirteen years with some of their best songs to date. Elegant, wistful pop of the finest sort.
MagentaMantaLoveTree - DigHayZoose

DigHayZoose’s Ambitious MagentaMantaLoveTree Combined Funk, Metal & Psychedelia With Strange Results (Review)

MagentaMantaLoveTree is a sprawling, uneven album that’s by turns fascinating and frustrating, impassioned and inconsistent.
Mute - Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones’ Mute Is an Interesting Film, It’s Just Not a Good One (Review)

Though it features some interesting visuals, Mute is a significant misstep for the talented director.
Alchymeia - Raison d'être

Raison d’être’s Alchymeia Is a Jung-Inspired Soundtrack Through the Shadows (Review)

Raison d’être’s dark ambience may begin in the shadows, but it’s never content to stay there.
Silver Surfer - Dan Slott, Michael Allred

Soaring Through the Spaceways With the Silver Surfer (Review)

Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s take on the Silver Surfer is a far cry from the comics of my youth — for better and worse.
The Honeybear - Hampshire & Foat

The Honeybear by Hampshire & Foat (Review)

This “children fairytale book concept album” is full of enchanting, beguiling music.
Phil Elverum

In Rotation: Mount Eerie, Ride, Fine China, Amy Annelle, Josh T. Pearson (Review)

Heart-breaking music about death; dreamy electronica from shoegaze giants; inspired ’80s pop; plaintive, old-timey folk/country; and goofy country-punk.
Nabihah Iqbal

In Rotation: Nabihah Iqbal, Heligoland, Opus Science Collective (Review)

An impressive debut that feels both nostalgic and original; exquisitely composed dreampop; and super funky future funk.


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