Wired talks to Robin Guthrie

Wired talks to Robin Guthrie about his music, musical gear, and of course, the Cocteau Twins:

“I’m 47 years old and was born into the analog age,” [Guthrie] said. “I remember the term digital’ when it existed only notionally. I lost the early adopter attitude when I ceased to have loads of disposable income, and now a sort of inverted snobbery has crept into my being where I pride myself on using the humblest of things to make my music. I’ve come a long way from being the young gear slut who was precious about so many pieces of equipment. I’ve become more confident in my own ability to use what is at hand to express myself.”

And about that Cocteau Twins reunion:

“I don’t feel very motivated in that direction,” Guthrie said. “Perhaps I would, if I felt that it wasn’t a backward move. But I’m put off by seeing old bands churning out the one half-decent album they made all those years ago to a public unwilling to move with the times and accept that some artists actually carry on long after it has lost interest.”

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