When good movies get baaaaaaad artwork

Sigh… seems Firefly ain’t never going to get the respect it deserves. First, the series gets jerked around by the studio and cancelled halfway through the first season. Then, the movie gets pushed out with piss-poor promotion. And now the DVD, which comes out on December 20, gets some terrible, terrible artwork. I mean, we’re talking something on the same level as the atrocious artwork for Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence. Click here to see it in all of its glory (and read about the disc’s specs).

That just screams “Sci-Fi Channel Original” to me. It’s all wrong. First of all, it makes River look like a bad Jessica Alba wannabe/sexy little minx. Despite being the captain of the ship and the entire crux of the series/movie, Mal looks like he has nothing more than a cameo role. And I don’t seem to recall a scene in which a vast horde of Reavers crossed vast desert plains.

I wonder how many fan-made covers we’ll see popping up on the Web when this hits the shelves.

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