What I’m Looking Forward To In 2006 (Music Edition), Part 2

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Jóhann Jóhannsson

A few days ago, I posted a list of 2006 releases that I’m eagerly awaiting. Needless to say, there were plenty that were absent, either because I’d simply forgotten about them or I just didn’t know about them. It’s a tricky business peering into the future. So with that all in mind, here are a few more releases that you (and I) might want to take into account when planning the ol’ budget.

  • Jenny Lewis — Rabbit Fur Coat — Some of you might know Lewis as the vocalist for Rilo Kiley. I’ve never really paid much attention to Rilo Kiley’s music — the few songs I’ve heard were solid, but didn’t exactly grab me. But the description of this album, that it’s very country-fied and that the lyrics are full of spiritual reflections, has me intrigued. Release date: 1/24/2006.
  • The Great Depression — Preaching to the Fire — The Great Depression’s Unconscious Pilot was a solid album of mature, atmospheric pop, combining shoegazer textures with dark undertones a la Calla. It was an incredibly strong debut, and it’ll be nice to hear how the band handles their sophomore release. Release date: 3/20/2006
  • Lansing-Dreiden — Dividing Island — Thanks to Mike for bringing this to my attention in the previous article’s comments. Lansing-Dreiden is a band that both frustrates and fascinates me. On the one hand, their chimerical brand of music feels quite hollow, an interesting blend of styles that seems more interested in cryptic, artsy-fartsy babble than anything of substance. On the other hand, their blend of styles — everything from glam-rock to dirty N.Y. rock to synth-pop to goth to shoegaze — is intoxicating everytime I hear it. Release date: 5/9/2006
  • Balon — TBA — A small band whose delicate, wispy electronica I find quite endearing. They were supposed to release a new album earlier this year, but then sort of fell off the map. It’s good to know they’re still working on stuff, and it’ll be nice to hear from them again. Another find courtesy of Mike. Release date: May, 2006.
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson — IBM 1401 — A User’s Manual — IBM 1401 — A User’s Manual was originally a collaboration between Jóhannsson and dancer/chorographer Erna Ómarsdóttir. Based on the story of the first computer to arrive in Iceland, an IBM 1401, the dance piece was intended to explore the relationship between man and his machines. More info on the dance piece, including some video clips, can be found here. Jóhannsson’s first release for 4AD will be a reworked version of this piece, featuring a 60 piece string orchestra. Release date: Spring 2006.
  • Bethany Curve — TBA — I’m listening to Flaxen as I type this, and it’s a gorgeous slice of shoegazing, tempering the ethereal guitars and hazy vocals you’d expect from a band in the genre with something a tad darker. It works wonderfully well, giving the band’s sound more substance and depth. The band is currently in the studio recording tracks for the 6th album, which will have 12 songs. Release date: TBA.
  • Josh Pearson — TBA — Given the delays and drama that have followed Lift To Experience and Josh Pearson over the years, I’m not holding my breath. In fact, the only reason this is one here is due to a few scant phrases on the Bella Union website. The thought of a solo album from Josh Pearson fills me with such expectation that I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I was looking forward to it. I remain skeptical, but I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong. Release date: TBA.
  • Scott Walker — TBA — It’s been a decade since Walker released his last album, Tilt. Since then, he’s recorded a soundtrack (for Pola X), produced a Pulp album, and had a bunch of older, rare stuff reissued. He’s since signed to 4AD, and is in the process of recording the follow-up to Tilt (which, if you’ve heard it, is perhaps the most challening thing Walker has done to date). Details are few, but it’s rumored that Liz Frazier (The Cocteau Twins) and Brian Gascoigne (who has worked with David Sylvian in the past). Release date: TBA.
  • Bark Psychosis — TBA — After a decade-long wait, Bark Psychosis made a stunning return to form with Codename:Dustsucker, and then followed it up with 400 Winters. According to the BP website, Graham Sutton is currently finishing up the second Delays album, and then “new BP material should be in the pipeline, as well as other projects.” So who knows… but thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to wait another decade to hear it. Release date: TBA.

What are some others that I’ve missed?