Well Looky There

Yes, after far too long, I finally got around to posting some actual content, in the form of album and movie reviews. I’ve also added an MP3 from Lincoln’s own The Golden Age to the HiFi, so be sure to check that out. I’m still iMac-less, so I’ve only be able to cull reviews together afterhours at work, but I’m pretty pleased with this batch. And I’ve got a few more that should be up this weekend. Thanks and love to Matt Fink, Jonathan Donaldson, and Richie DeMaria for their contributions.

Sounds Are Active is now offering preorders of the new Soul-Junk album, 1958, for $7.99. The album ships out September 2 (the same day as the new Silver Mt. Zion album), but preorders will ship by August 1 and will come with “goodies”. To pique your curiosity, they’ve put up an MP3 from the album, a bizarre, mindtwisting little ditty called “Autosmuddling.”

I downloaded a couple MP3s from Japan Air, and I’m really digging them. “Teen Thumb” is a careening instrumental number that thankfully never explodes into one of those cataclysmic crescendoes that seems to be the rage these days thanks to Mogwai. Rather than build, the guitars spiral in on themselves, creating a tightly wound post-punk sound that at times reminds me of early U2, and at other times Joy Division. “We Are All Systems” has a dreamier sound, with Morrissey-like vocals crooning over chiming guitars.

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