We Are Neither Good nor Great

We Are Neither Good nor Great:

America has done good things, and America has done bad things. It’s the civil authority which I am called to submit to; it is Caesar, with all the good and bad that biblically entails. As a Christian, I’m committed to doing good to this nation because it’s where God has placed me. But it’s not my ultimate home, my first love or the object of my admiration. I thank God that he has given me a government that protects me and keeps the peace. But that’s the extent of my loyalty. When I start putting country first, I have ceased to be Christian. No man can serve two masters, and America is no greater than Ba’al if I mistake it for Yahweh.

…to confuse agents of the fallen world we are called to serve with the kingdom of our Lord is to destroy our ability to serve it in the first place. You might think it looks good to wrap yourself in the flag, but in the end it’s just another dirty garment we’re using to cover our nakedness instead of taking the spotless robe Christ is offering.

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