Watch the teaser for Transporter 3

I won’t deny it: I love the Transporter films. They’re perfect examples of super-glossy, über-fun, mindlessly goofy entertainment, the kind of movie you want to watch on a Friday night with lots of junk food. Jason Statham is absolutely perfect in the role of the taciturn driver with impeccable taste in suits and a kung fu skills to drop a dozen guys straight on their ass, and in its finest moments, Corey Yuen’s stunt-work and martial arts choreography conjures up Hong Kong action cinema in its late ​‘80s/​early ​‘90s heyday.

So I’m very excited to see that a teaser for Transporter 3 has popped up online (via). This time around, Olivier Megaton is in the director’s chair (former director Louis Leterrier has been working on the new Incredible Hulk film). And based on the teaser, which is short and sweet to be sure, it looks like Megaton is taking Leterrier’s style and ramping it up a bit. The camerawork looks a lot more fluid, while the stunt-work and choreography look as cool as ever.

According to IMDb, Transporter 3 will be released here in the States on November 26, 2008.

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