Watch Slowdive on Pitchfork Live (and Listen to a Bonus Track)

Slowdive’s Pitchfork Live performance accentuates the great continuity between their oldest and newest material.

I realize I’ve swamped Opus with a fair amount of Slowdive-related coverage in the last week or so, but the band sure is making up for lost time, it seems. Shortly after releasing their excellent first album in two decades, Slowdive played a short set for Pitchfork Live that featured a nice blend of their oldest and newest material. Here’s the setlist:

  1. “Slomo”
  2. “Catch the Breeze”
  3. “Slowdive”
  4. “Star Roving”
  5. “Avalyn”

Hearing the new songs alongside the older ones reveals just how good a job Slowdive did remaining faithful to their classic sound without becoming constrained by it. (This performance of “Slomo” is particularly lovely.)

And speaking of new songs, the Japanese release of Slowdive features a bonus track titled “30th June” that’s full of loops, crystalline guitars, and Rachel Goswell’s breathy vocals — and it’s as gorgeous as you’d expect. Listen to it below.