Watch The Cure’s Epic 40th Anniversary Concert

A good reminder that The Cure really have released a mind-blowing amount of amazing music over the years.
The Cure at Hyde Park
The Cure’s Robert Smith (Tanya’s Ethereal Footsteps)

The Cure turned 40 this year — their first concert as The Cure took place back in 1978 — and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Robert Smith et al. put on a day-long festival at London’s Hyde Park. The Cure headlined the show, with supporting performances from Slowdive, Ride, Interpol, and The Twilight Sad, to name a few.

There was a video of the entire concert floating around the YouTubes, but it got taken down. So here are some random clips. I know it’s an easy joke, but it does feel a bit odd to watch The Cure perform in the bright sunlight (something that even Smith acknowledged when he took the stage).

Many more videos can be found over on Slicing Up Eyeballs.

The Cure’s setlist focused on the earlier end of their discography. Early hits (“Boys Don’t Cry,” “10:15 Saturday Night,” “A Forest”), Cure classics (“Lovesong,” “Just Like Heaven”), brood‑y goth numbers (“Burn,” “Fascination Street,” “Disintegration”), and even some deep cuts (“The Walk,” “Jumping Someone Else’s Train,” “Grinding Halt”)… the Hyde Park show had a little something for everyone. It’s definitely a reminder that Smith and his bandmates have released a mind-blowing amount of amazing music over the years.

On a related note, Tim Pope — who directed many of The Cure’s classic videos — posted a few photos to his Twitter account of him working on footage from the concert. No word yet on whether that will be for a concert movie à la 2003’s Trilogy, or if it’s for the planned Cure documentary that was announced late last year.

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