V For Vendetta Posters

I know that many folks consider the very idea of an Alan Moore comic being turned into a movie to be the height of sacrelige — and I don’t necessarily blame them. That being said, I was actually quite bummed when it was announced that V For Vendetta would be pushed back to March 17, 2006. It just would’ve been so cool had they been able to release the movie on November 5, as originally planned. (Read the graphic novel, you’ll understand.)

However, the delayed release has apparently given the studio time to push out some incredible posters for the movie. I think these might be some of the best movie posters I’ve seen in a long time, period, drawing on some amazing artistic traditions to create some truly strong, eye-catching imagery.

Each of the new posters have been released on a different site:

Of the 4, I think my favorite is the one on AICN, with it’s German expressionistic look.