Unwed Sailor, Omaha, November 20

Austin from Kite Pilot asked me to pass on this little announcement concerning up an upcoming show. In his words:

Once again the superb and underappreciated Unwed Sailor is coming to the River City. They are playing on Sunday, November 20th, at Mick’s Music and Bar in the Benson district located on 59th and Maple Street. Since it is a Sunday and all us working stiffs have the Mondays to reckon with, we made it an early show that will start promptly at 8pm. Kite Pilot will open the show and Unwed Sailor will immediately follow. The door charge is $4. It is 21+… Cheap, early, and declining gas prices are my talking points.

So, just to reiterate: Unwed Sailor and Kite Pilot, November 20th, 8:00pm, Omaha, Mick’s Music and Bar, 59th and Maple, $4, 21+.