Twitch reviews Where The Wild Things Are

Twitch offers up a positive review of Where The Wild Things Are:

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer. Its open-ended simplicity promises a lot to a point where it’s slightly misleading. Sure, the film is certainly a journey, but not one that expands Maurice Sendak’s narrative with adventure plot twists and some narrator telling us about exotic lands in a galaxy far, far away. No, we get the classic children’s book: dumpy monsters on an island in some kid’s wild imagination. And Spike Jonze’s adaptation is a heartfelt and very emotional interpretation.

In interviews, Jonze seems aware of of the propriety the book’s fans seem entitled to and its pressures, but also what makes an adaptation work. Not carbon copy (Zack Snyder’s Watchmen) or a glitzy “updated” makeover (Michael Bay’s Transformers), but whittling theme down to its purest form, and riffing off that.