Twitch Reviews Heima

Back in August, I wrote about Heima — the Sigur Rós tour documentary — and linked to the film’s gorgeous trailer (a second, Hoppípolla-centric version of the trailer can be found here). The film recently screened at the 2007 Reykjavik International Film Festival, and Twitch’s Swarez was there. He writes:

The film is an ode to Iceland, its nature and its people and their children. It’s brimming with nostalgia and for how things were decades ago and it shows in some of the venues they chose to play in, a dilapidated fishery that was built in the big herring boom during the fifties but lasted only two years and hasn’t been used since then, a small village hall, a cave and a protest camp where they played an acoustic set because the people in the camp were protesting the building of a dam that’s going to be used to produce electricity for aluminium smelts.

He concludes his review with:

Heima is an astoundingly beautiful film both as a visual and in sound. It manages to cram the open wilderness of Iceland in to a roughly 100 minute feast for the eyes and ears and leave you wanting for more and especially make you wish you were there when they performed these shows.

You can read his full review here.

Interesting sidenote: I had no idea that Heima was directed by Dean DeBlois, the same guy who directed Lilo & Stitch.

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