Twitch interviews Doug Jones

Twitch has a pretty extensive interview with Doug Jones, the man behind many of the monsters in Guillermo del Toro’s flicks, including Abe Sapiens in the Hellboy movies. The interview covers a wide range of topics, from Jones’ start in Hollywood and his work with del Toro to his role as the Silver Surfer and his religious background:

I’ve been a lot of denominations over the years but I call myself a generic Christian, yes, and am attending a church now that would remind you of Catholicism. It’s more orthodox. On the first Hellboy, when I was given the script the first day and was told to go home and read it that day and get back to him that night, I’m reading the script called Hellboy and he’s a demon from Hell. I’m thinking, “Okay, I have to respectfully find a way to tell Guillermo I can’t do this movie.” That was my first thought before I cracked open the script. Then I started reading it and realized, “Oh my goodness, I am so not offended by this. In fact, I’m enlivened by it. I’m finding my faith being nurtured and challenged by this story. This is good.”

On a side-note, it was nice to see that interviewer Michael Guillén — whom I met in Toronto a few years ago, and who is a real gentleman — is a Silver Surfer fan, as well.