Video Game Designer

I’ve long speculated about what my kids will do for their careers. My daughter is convinced that she’ll be a princess, and given that she’s three years old and awfully cute in her sincerity, I’m a bit hesitant to tell her how democracy works. My youngest son has stated, on several occasions, that he wants to work in a fish store. (I hope I can enjoy something even half as much as he enjoys his pet fish.)

As for my oldest, I’ve always thought he’ll go into politics and/​or sales, because he’s all about negotiating and making deals. However, this photo gives me hope that he’ll select a more honorable career path: namely, designing video games. He’s become rather obsessed with Lightning Fighter 2, a Raiden-style mobile game, and the above photo is part of a series of sketches he’s made for his first (but hopefully, not last) contribution to the vertical scrolling shoot ​‘em up genre.