Tracey Thorn covers Sufjan Stevens’ “Sister Winter”

Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn has recorded a lovely cover of Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas original “Sister Winter” (which he originally recorded for his Songs for Christmas collection). Thorn began working on the cover earlier this year, but stopped when her mother became ill and eventually died. When she began working on the song again, Thorn “found solace in finishing Sister Winter,’ whose narrator, in Thorn’s words, has been feeling down, but is now returning, specifically in order to wish everyone a happy Christmas.’ ”

“Now of course the song fits my mood exactly, which is that I have had a tough second half of this year, but here comes Christmas, and I really do want to send good wishes to everyone, especially everyone who has been so kind and supportive to me in the last few months,” she explains.

Thorn has also put together a free Christmas download for her fans that includes “Sister Winter,” as well as a previously unreleased video performance and a personal photo.

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