“Towards the Light” by Hiroco.M

The perfect soundtrack for experiencing a world covered in newly fallen snow.

As I write this, Lincoln is currently experiencing some of the heaviest snowfall it’s received in quite some time. (According to some, we’re on track to break records that have lasted fifty years.) It’s the sort of thick snowfall that plunges the world into silence, and is best experienced either by bundling up in your warmest clothes and going for a nice, quiet walk through it — or watching it through the windows as you hunker down under a blanket with a good book and your favorite warm beverage.

Hiroco.M’s “Towards the Light” is the perfect musical accompaniment for experiencing a world covered in newly fallen snow, regardless of whether you venture outside or stay indoors. The Japanese composer plays her upright piano to maximum effect, her rolling piano melodies creating an evocative soundscape that suggests delicate snowflakes floating down silently into endless snowdrifts. And all this in a song that’s not even two minutes long.

“Towards the Light” is the first single from Hiroco.M’s upcoming Still EP, which will be released on February 26 by Montreal’s Moderna Records.