There are some days when I’m so exasperated with music that I want to sell my CDs and get on with something more rewarding, like getting a date for the first time in years. And then there are days like today, when I find I can’t take it in fast enough. I find myself wishing for the ability to process several CDs at once, or at least a couple extra pairs of ears. There’s just so much out there, more than time (and my bank account) will allow me to pursue.

There are some new album and movie reviews, with many more on the way. Some sweet concert reviews and band photos should be hitting the site after this week (I’ll be seeing Fridge, Explosions in the Sky, Pedro the Lion, and Damien Jurado in less than a week). Plus, some sweet movies are, or will be winging their way to my DVD player. And when I get paid on Friday, the cycle will be again.

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