Tokyo Shock Reissues Chinese Super Ninjas

I’ve seen a lot of kung fu films in my day. Some of them have been awesome, some of them have been awful, and some of them should probably have been banned by the Geneva Convention. One kung fu film that has been ingrained in my psyche is Chang Cheh’s Chinese Super Ninjas (aka Five Element Ninjas).

Chinese Super Ninjas was the first “old school” kung fu film that I saw, and it still remains one of my favorites. The horrible dubbing, the ultra-cheesy special effects, the inventive weaponry, the gratuitous gore (including a scene where someone trips over their own entrails) — it all adds up to a veritable classic of the genre as far as I’m concerned.

Up until now, however, the film has only been available via subpar DVD releases, but that changes later this month. Tokyo Shock will be reissuing Chinese Super Ninjas on DVD with an English dub as well as the original Cantonese soundtrack with English subtitles. Additional features include an interview with Lo Meng (one of the great Shaw Brothers actors), a stills gallery, and trailers.

HKFlix is currently offering pre-orders for $12.95, which is quite a bit cheaper than Amazon. And if you need additional incentive, simply feast your eyes on the clip below, which focuses on one of the film’s many awesome — and hilariously gory — fight scenes.

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