TIFF ‘08 Preview: The Dungeon Masters

A few years ago, a documentary came out called Darkon. The film was at once a hilarious and deeply human look at folks involved in live action role-playing, which involes people dressing up as knights, wizards, and elves and participating in mock full-scale battles. Where the film really shone was how it looked at the way that people’s dreams and fantasies shaped and impacted their real lives, both negatively and positively, without ever adopting a condescending or snarky tone.

And it looks like The Dungeon Masters will follow suit. The documentary follows three Dungeons & Dragons gamers, and how their fantasy lives and real lives intermingle. As someone with a great deal of affection for role-playing games — and fantasy in general — I love finding out about movies like this, movies that look at the intersection between fantasy and reality, and how people’s lives can be transformed by even the most seemingly bizarre flights of fancy.

Check out The Dungeon Masterss official TIFF entry here.