TIFF ‘08 Preview: Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

Oh man, this one looks like too much fun.

Toshio Lee’s Detroit Metal City (adapted from Kiminori Wakasugi’s manga) follows the exploits of Souichi (Ken’ichi Matsuyama, the Death Note films), who moves to the big city of Tokyo with hopes of becoming a pop star. However, the only gig he can land is lead singer of the infamous metal band Detroit Metal City. Souichi is desperate to keep his pop-loving girlfriend from finding out about his rockin’ alter ego, but that’s difficult when your band has legions of obsessed fans — and Gene Simmons challenges you to a death metal duel.

This looks like the kind of film that only the Japanese seem capable of making: insanely over the top (dare I say, turned up to 11?) and yet incredibly earnest and goofy. In other words, perfect material for Midnight Madness.

Check out Detroit Metal City’s official TIFF entry here.

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