There is a God and He is just…

How do I know? Philip Seymour Hoffman won “Best Actor” for his amazing work in Capote.

Other good things from last night’s debacle:

  • I’ve grown slightly tired of Ben Stiller’s brand of funny, but that green scene suit bit was great
  • The lobbying commercials were just the sort of thing I’d expect from Jon Stewart et al… brilliant!
  • Five words: “It’s hard out here for a pimp”
  • Speaking of the 36 Mafia, Stewart was right: they seemed to be having the most fun of anyone there
  • Diana Ossana’s impassive face was absolutely riveting during her acceptance speech
  • On the other hand, Gavin Hood’s speech for Tsotsi, was just great (and he took a nice little dig at the time limits)

As for “bad” things, only one stands out in my mind. Can someone tell me what in the hell was going on with the interpretive dancing?!? It made otherwise great performances seem like self-parodies.