The Space Nazis are coming! It’s Iron Sky!

A few years ago, a bunch of crazy Finnish folks released Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, one of the most famous and successful sci-fi parodies of all time. And now they’re back with Iron Sky, and they’ve brought a bunch of space Nazis with them.

Here’s the basic premise: in 1945, the Nazis — having mastered anti-gravity — send a fleet of spaceships to establish a base on the dark side of the Moon. There, they continue to develop their technology, with plans to return to Earth and conquer it when the time is right. Which just so happens to be 2018 (more info on the story here).

Watch a higher quality version of the trailer, courtesy of Twitch.

I love the retro-futuristic look that’s going on here; it reminds me of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Crimson Skies, Commando Cody, and any number of classic pulp comic books. You can get a better sense of that in these press photos.

The film is being billed as a pitch-black science fiction comedy that holds nothing sacred, and you can get a sense of that in the teaser’s final seconds. And did I mention that the Nazis’ grand plan for conquering Earth involves assassinating the President of the United States, Jenna Bush?

Iron Sky is still in development — and you can help the war effort. In order to raise finances for the film, the filmmakers are selling “war bonds” at $75(US) each. You can also get involved in the filmmaking process by joining Wreck A Movie, a collaborative filmmaking website.

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