The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Returns With After The End

The enigmatic group returns with a new box set and a one-time concert.
After The End, RAIJ

Liverpool’s Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus has long been an enigma. The group put out a handful of releases in the mid ’90s that contained a beautiful, stirring blend of folk, industrial, and experimental music, and played shows with the likes of Current 93 and Raison d’être. And then they just disappeared, leaving fans, such as myself, longing for more. However, within the last few weeks, the enigma has begun to lift.

Earlier this month, the French label Infrastition released After The End, a limited edition 3-disc box set that contains remastered editions of the band’s complete works — including The Gift of Tears and Mirror — plus two previously unreleased songs. (One of the unreleased songs, “After The End”, can be heard on the band’s Facebook page.)

And tomorrow — tomorrow! — the Army will reunite to perform a one-time concert in support of After The End. Hopefully the concert will be recorded for posterity’s sake. Heaven knows we have few enough documents of this mysterious outfit’s existence as it is.

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