The Return of Writ On Water

Blonde Vinyl was one of the first Christian “indie” labels, and they released a slew of records by many noteworthy and influential artists, including: Lifesavers Underground (and its various incarnations), Deitiphobia (one of the first Christian industrial acts), Dance House Children (which would later give way to Joy Electric and Starflyer 59), Fluffy, Lust Control, and Steve Scott.

One Blonde Vinyl alumnus, however, that everyone seems to overlook is Writ On Water. Which is a shame because their sole Blonde Vinyl release, 1992’s Sylph, is a true gem. Honestly, I’ve never heard anything like it, or Writ On Water’s subsequent releases, in all of Christendom. Blending elements of goth, post-punk, and shoegazer, Writ On Water’s music captured much of what I’ve always loved about the classic darkwave/4AD sound, with its haunting, gloomy-yet-glorious atmospherics.

Unfortunately, they’ve never been the most prolific band around. It’s been 7 years since their last release, the Pelléas EP. However, that will all change in February 2008, when Writ On Water releases their first full-length in years.

Entitled A Wingless King, the album will be released via the band’s website (which is currently down but will be relaunching for the album’s release).

Additionally, two EPs of material recorded during the album’s original 2001 and 2002 sessions will be made available, along with the band’s back catalog. And finally, there are plans to release a third EP of brand new material later in 2008.

So, if all goes according to plan, we’ll have four new releases from Writ On Water by this time next year. Not too shabby for a band that only resurfaces once every seven years or so. But if past releases are any indication, it’ll all be well worth the wait.

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