The New Transformers Trailer Has Feeling Me All Kinds Of Giddy

What’s the best part about the new and exclusive trailer for the upcoming Transformers movie? The part that actually got me a little teary-eyed from all of the geeky giddiness welling up inside? It’s the fact that, during Optimus Prime’s transformation sequence, they actually included the “transformation sound” from the old cartoons (it’s roughly at the 1:38 mark).

You may now commence with the wedgies. Just make sure you watch the trailer in HD with the volume turned way up, okay?

A lot of folks have been giving Michael Bay and Co. grief for all of the changes that have been made (i.e. giving Optimus Prime flames). And yet, it seems like the filmmakers are really trying to strike a nice, solid balance between appealing to fanboy nostalgia (using Peter Cullen to provide Optimus Prime’s voice), and making the film’s action realistic and plausible (hence the changes to the robots’ iconic appearances). At least, as realistic and plausible as a movie about giant, transforming robots duking it out here on Earth can be.

As far as I’m concerned, Bay can make all of the changes he wants so long as the end result kicks mucho hindquarters. Which, if this trailer is any indication, it most certainly does — from Blackout and Scorponok’s initial desert attack, to Bonecrusher’s highway smashups, to Starscream’s various bits of bad-assery. As such, any nods, references, and homages paid to the original cartoons that I knew and loved as a fourth grader… well, those will just be little extra dabs of icing on the cake.