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Doh… this has been sitting in my inbox for a good week and a half, during which I meant to post something about it, only to lose it in the shuffle during the recent, um, “realign.”

Autres Directions In Music, a very, very fine Internet-based label, has just announced their two latest releases. The first is Tony’s Itinrance LP. The release consists of 6 tracks, each of which were recorded in 6 different cities with 6 different collaborators. Furthermore, there is also a DVD-R copy of the disc that contains video interpretations of each track. (If you have Flash installed, you can watch the video for “Angers”.)

The other “new” release is Melodium’s Hum Hum & Bla Bla EP. Melodium was one of the first ADIM artists that I heard (my review of their Parthenay EP). The new EP contains five new tracks (all untitled, BTW), and remixes by Ochre, Audioroom, and Marsen Jules of three tracks from La Tete Qui Flotte.

If you visit ADIM’s homepage, you’ll be able to hear a couple of tracks from the new releases via their nifty little Flash widget. The Ochre remix from the Hum Hum & Bla Bla EP is especially nice, beginning with dreary, warped electronics and strings reminiscent of Matt Elliot’s The Mess We Made before lightening up considerably with clattering rhythms and squiggly analog quirks. The song undergoes quite a bit of transformation, constantly giving the listener some new audio twist to enjoy.

As with many of ADIM’s releases, both of these are available for download under the Creative Commons License. Or, if you want to further support a good cause, you can purchase a CD-R copy complete with artwork.

What’s more, ADIM will be releasing Depth Affect’s first LP, titled Arche-Lymb, in February 2006. Arche-Lymb features collaborations with CYNE and Anticon artist Alias (whose The Other Side of the Looking Glass album is way too underrated).

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