The Groovemine Interview

About a week and a half ago, I was asked a couple of questions by the folks at Groovemine concerning Opus and music blogs in general. The first installment of the resulting article is now available online.

The world wide web, the grandest invention since I don’t know when: does it not have some soul to it? Is there some hope for a young-blooded revolution against the capitalist machine to bring good music back to our ears and our communities?

If there was one, it would be through the music blogs.

More often than naught, one can get overburdened at the mere idea of wading through the junk to get to that something honest — it, sometimes, seems like a lost cause. There’s probably half as many music blogs out there as there are people; a bunch of random opinions rambling and ranting everywhere amongst the many layers of the blogosphere — many of which no one reads — rattling around like a tree falling in the forest. Does it make a noise at all? Does it matter? Are they real people? Perhaps.

Wading through the magnitude, we approached a handful of our favorite music blogs and asked some real basic questions, reaching the human at the end of the tunnel.

Other blogs interviewed for the article include Sound on the Sound, Sad Steve, and Knocks from the Underground.

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