The Go! Team’s “Doing It Right”

It’s Monday, and contrary to what you read elsewhere on some business/​productivity blog, it’s still not the new Friday. Nope, Mondays are still the worst day of the week, the day in which you leave the comfort and relaxation of the home and return to soul-crushing drudgery of the work week. But thankfully, there are little bits of common grace sprinkled here and there, and the latest video from The Go! Team (whose next album, Proof of Youth, is due out September 11) is one such bit.

The video for ​“Doing It Right” is everything you’d expect from the Team: it’s bright, cheery, catchy, and looks like a goofy mash-up of Sesame Street, The Electric Company, second grade art class, and all manner of random childhood memories. Which means that all but the most cynical of you should be wearing a nice, goofy grin — and a slightly improved outlook on the week — by the video’s end.

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